Service you can rely on  -  Cервис которому можно доверять  -  Serviss kuram var uzticēties


Our main specialization are part load deliveries from and to Europe, mostly developed following directions: Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland. Below you can see our export and import schedule:

Export schedule:

Pick-up date: Delivery date:
From Tuesday till Friday Monday, Tuesday
Monday Thursday, Friday

Import schedule:

Pick up date: Delivery date:
From Tuesday till Friday Monday
Monday, Tuesday Friday

Transit time for full loads 3 days, starts form date of loading.
Ordering transport at time allow to avoid any delays with deliveries, that’s why we ask our clients to book their transport 1 or 2 days before planned loading.

Deliveries from/to other countries by request.



One more kind of transport that our company can offer is rail transport. Due to favorable geographical location rail transport in Latvia very developed.
By request we can offer rate calculation and provide cargo delivery with rail.


For our client comfort we offer modern warehouse with good access in Riga, not far from city centre. We offer attractive prices for longterm and shortterm storage. Warehouse service include sorting and deliveries from warehouse to any region of Latvia in fix time and day. Capacity of our forklift till 5t!


All custom formality types are possible with us. Custom clearance in Latvia, Export declaration to any country, transti declaration issue on European union borders. Sanitary inspection of food products.


To feel safe during cargo trasportation we offer our clients additional insurance, especially for fragile and expensive goods. Really if we compare cargo value and transport costs, we can see that costs for insurance are reliably small. Also possible insurance for full costs of goods and transport.
Our responsibility we insured on 250 000 EUR.